“The Alzheimers journey is hard. And long. After years of frustration with programs and support workers that just didn’t fit my husbands care needs, finding Granddaughters Personal care was a turn-around point. Donna understands that individual client care must be family-focused and flexible to be effective. She does an outstanding job of finding workers that understand the importance of JOY in caregiving. With their help I was able to continue to care for my husband in our home long past what would otherwise have been possible. Now they help me manage his facility care. I don’t know what I’d do without them.”


“Acquiring the services of the wonderful staff at Granddaughters’ Personal Care, has been such a positive experience during both routine and very difficult times. The dedicated, and upbeat personalities of the ladies visiting our dad, as well as those who have met him in either the Care Home or Hospital, have been a bright spot in his day, and made him feel cared for and important. Their visits have been very uplifting for the family as well, knowing that someone is providing support, conversation and encouragement when we are not present. We are so appreciative of their thoughtfulness and all the extras they bring to their visits. Having the ladies as part of our “team”, as we weave through our journey of elder- care, has been a tremendous benefit to both dad and our family. To our gals Caroline (with special assistant Max) and Jen, as well as Shirley, Michelle etc., our greatest “Thank you!”.

-Wendy and family. January 2016

“My daughter found your organization.  I had an interview with a person who. would. be my companion.  Fridays are my day out and my companion picks me up and we go shopping.  It didn’t take long until I recognized Carla as a friend.  We laugh a lot which I like to do and she has done so many countless assists when I have had to go to hospital assisting in the paper work, even bringing me a large ice cream Sundae.  She has done so many kind, out of her way things for me I really can’t help but think someone was looking after me and I couldn’t be happier!!!    It was Karma.  Thank you too Donna for putting the two of us together.  Not everyone would understand or get my odd sense of humour but Carla has accepted me just as I am.

I have to be the luckiest person for when Carla is unavailable I have Willa who slips into my heart and she takes up the slack.  We have had a few adventures as when I had my ears pierced and Willa supervised, making sure I wouldn’t be lop sided.  We also have lots of fun and again she lets me be me with this warped sense of humour.  Having finally found my freedom my lighter side is growing.  I do love these two ladies.  They also are my family.”